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Here at Fourcast, we strongly believe that women can make a real difference in the tech industry. Right now the talents and skills of women are underrepresented in the technology sector, in all kind of roles and functions. We want to inspire women to choose for a career in tech or to feel empowered to advance their career in whichever role, from sales to developer and from engineer to change or project manager, etc. 

The Women in Tech community is an initiative of the women of the team here at Fourcast, Premier Google Cloud partner in Europe, to empower women to choose for a career in tech just like we did.

Our very first Women in Tech event in Brussels in June 2019 was very successful and a first step in the contribution we want to make, as a team and as a company, to the empowerment of women in tech.

In the future, we want to keep organising this kind of events, where women can meet like-minded women in tech and get inspired in a relaxed atmosphere.


INSPIRE Get inspired by the story of other women working in tech. Learn the steps you can take to get your own career to a next level. From project manager to CTO, from sales to developer: find the right career path for yourself in whichever position, job role or function in the technology sector.
DREAM Sometimes dreaming is the first step towards accomplishing amazing goals. Set yourself up for success in the tech sector by starting to dream about the goals you want to set for your own career.
DO Start acting upon the dreams & goals you have for yourself and your career. With the advice, inspiration & knowledge you gain: just do it!

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Speakers at past events

Speaker women in tech Google BE Sanne Vermeiren

Sanne Vermeiren 
Young ICT Lady of the year 2019  

Speaker women in tech Google BE Sophie DecockSophie Decock
Sales Manager, Google Cloud BeLux 

Speaker women in tech Katia Battheu

Katia Battheu
Director Customer Service Center, Proximus

Women in tech Wendy Meyers former CTO Carrefour BEWendy Meyers
Delivery Director, Datadobi

Laura Nys Google BE automation lead

Laura Nys
Automation Lead, Google Belgium

Women in tech event Brussels 5/7 background

Throwback Vlog

Women in tech event Brussels 5 June 2019 at Brussels Digital Atelier

Get an impression of our very first Women in Tech event, 5th of June 2019 at Google Digital Atelier, in this vlog of Fourcast Woman in Tech Keren Castelli.


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