How to centralise your file storage on Google Drive?

On-Demand G Suite Webinar

During this webinar we will guide you through the current pain points in file storage and show you how centralising your files in Google Drive helps you to search, control and secure your data.

Get on the right track with our best practices on how to prepare and execute the transition to Google Drive and get a sneak peak on the newest Drive releases.

What will you learn in this webinar?

  • Current pain points for businesses concerning file storage
  • Risks of not using Shared Drives in G Suite
  • How to transition to Google Drive
  • Setting up a governance model on Google Drive usage
  • Upcoming Google Drive features 

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Michael Van Leemputten (square)

Michael Van Leemputten
Territory Manager SMB at Fourcast

Other speakers to be confirmed

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  • Introduction to centralised file storage
  • Your typical file storage landscape: the opportunity is yours
  • Unify your collaboration environment
  • Google Drive roadmap
  • FAQ

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