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Infrastructure Modernisation

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Application Modernisation

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Data Analytics & ML Solutions

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Data Warehouse & Marketing Analytics

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Practical ML & AI


Real-time collaboration & productivity for your employees. Get Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Meet & more apps for your business. 


Modernise your infrastructure & migrate your workloads to Google Cloud. Build & deploy your applications faster on Google's secure, scalable infrastructure.


Chrome devices for everyday use of your workforce, digital signage, kiosk mode or video conferencing. Always fast, robust & secure by design. 


Give your students the tools and training to succeed. Get your school future-proof with Chromebooks, Google Classroom & more.


Connect with your team from anywhere, on any device. Meet face to face without travel costs with easy-to-join video calls. Brainstorm in real-time with interactive whiteboard Jamboard.


Inform & engage your employees with LumApps, an intuitive social internal communications platform. Easily manage workflows & ensure compliance with AO Docs.


Create business intelligence from integrated data. Optimise your customer experience & marketing campaigns with custom recommendation models, a Data Lake or - voice - chatbot.
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Collaborate in real-time with your team, from anywhere on any device. 

Companies with lots of different locations lose time commuting and collaborating with people that are not sitting next to them.

Connecting employees by enabling smooth collaboration is a catalyst for change, and that’s exactly what G Suite does for companies, saving them a lot of time and money.

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Build, innovate & scale with secure IT infrastructure in the Cloud.

Migrate your legacy applications to modern, secure Cloud-based solutions without having to worry about IT infrastructure or scalability. We can help you move to the same infrastructure as Google uses: Google Cloud Platform.

Fourcast builds disruptive solutions on Google Cloud Platform to give your organisation a competitive advantage. From pure storage solutions to big data analytics, your company scales indefinitely with Google Cloud Platform.

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Fast, easy-to-use & secure devices for your workforce.

Chrome devices are secure by design, always boot up in 10 seconds & are cheap in acquisition and maintenance. Manage and control your fleet of devices easily with a few clicks in the Admin Console. 

Save yourself & your workforce tons of time with Chrome devices for everyday use or as digital signage, kiosk or video conferencing device.

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Get your school & students ready for the digital future with G Suite apps for Education, Chromebooks in the classroom, Google Classroom, and more.

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Google Video Conferencing & Jamboard

Stay connected through easy-to-join video meetings. Unleash your team's creativity with interactive whiteboard Google Jamboard.

No more loosing time with starting or joining a video call at work. Make video meetings easy & intuitive for your employees, clients or prospects with Hangouts Meet Hardware, the video conferencing solution by Google. 

Let guests dial in quickly into your video meetings. Integrate with G Suite or other meeting solutions like Skype for Business or meeting systems based on SIP and H.323 standards (e.g. Polycom and Cisco). 

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Connect & engage all your employees in a central intranet hub. Ensure compliance & easily manage workflows.

Mix corporate communications and social networking in one enterprise communications portal that answers both company & employee needs: LumApps. Integrate with G Suite & help your employees work more efficiently & collaborate more.

Managing your organisation's workflows and compliance procedures gets easy with central documents platform AO Docs. It also allows you to build your business applications in the same place.

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Cloud Marketing

Leverage your data to drive stronger business results.

Connecting the dots of your organisation's data is like digging into a gold mine. We help you to integrate all your data & extract business insights in a Data Lake. 

Combined with Google Cloud's cutting edge Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies you'll give your customers & prospects a hyper personalised experience with your brand.

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