Introduce A New Way Of Working with G Suite

Get Google Gmail, Docs, Drive & Calendar for your business.

Collaborate & connect in real-time with your team. From anywhere, on any device, with one office suite package. 

Why Are Companies Going G Suite?

Organisations are feeling the heat of young start-ups with big ideas. Traditional companies need to come up with new business ideas, but that’s never been part of the company culture. Connecting people by enabling smooth collaboration is a catalyst for change, and that’s exactly what G Suite does for companies.

Another reason why companies are moving to G Suite is to increase productivity. Companies with lots of different locations lose time commuting, and collaborating with people that are not sitting next to them. G Suite is built for teams to collaborate in real-time with anyone, from anywhere on any device.

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Increase Productivity & Collaboration

The G Suite business package is designed to make your workforce more productive and increase collaboration within teams and across departments. Win valuable time & money by enabling your employees to work more efficient & always find back information easily.

Enable A New Way Of Working

G Suite is a proven catalyst for change at companies, making them ready for the digital future by transforming the way they work. Drive growth by transforming your organisation to a modern, digital workplace with tools that your employees will love.

“We are really happy with Fourcast as a partner to go Google. A lot of emphasis is put on change management, making people enthusiastic about a new way of working. 

Wendy Meyers Carrefour

Wendy Meyers
(Former) CTO, Carrefour Belgium

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Why work with Google Partner Fourcast to implement G Suite

As an experienced Google partner, we have the know-how to ensure you a smooth transition to the new way of working.
You can count on our services to make the change happen for everyone at your company.


G Suite Assessment

Are you thinking about "going Google" and first want to make sure whether this will be a good fit in your company? We can help you clarify.

Deploying G Suite

Going Google is more than only the migration of your data and switching some buttons. It’s important to get the most out of the new platform and we help you do that by guiding your employees towards a new way of working. We take care of the entire roll-out by providing:

  • fresh change management techniques
  • project management
  • executing the technical tasks

Customer Success Services

The project of going Google doesn’t stop at Go-live day. It’s a constant process of supporting the users, keeping them engaged, and driving constant innovation through the new solutions.

Get Started with G Suite at your workplace

Easily Start with a step by step approach.

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Download our G Suite security white paper

Security is vital to your organisation. Google is committed to protect your data at all times.
Read more in the G Suite Security White Paper.

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The flexible tools included in your G Suite package

Create with these Google tools

logo_G Suite Google docs_48dp

Google Docs

Powerful word processing with seamless collaboration.

[GWC] logo_sheets_48dp

Google Sheets

Advanced data processing made simple and accessible.

[GWC] logo_forms_48dp

Google Forms

The world’s easiest surveys and forms.



Google Slides

Beautiful presentations created together.

logo_google_sites_G Suite

Google Sites

Engaging team sites. No coding required.

G Suite google keep logo-512-500x512

Google Keep

Capture ideas and keep organised.

jamboard logo gsuite

Google Jamboard

Brainstorming in real-time.

g suite Appmaker-google180x180

Google Appmaker

Create custom cloud apps on the G Suite platform.

Connect with these Google tools 

gsuite gmail google logo_gmail_192

Google Gmail

The world’s best loved email, tailored for the enterprise.

g suite calendar google logo_calendar_192-150x150

Google Calendar

Workday management that cuts busy work and keeps you organised & productive.


Google Hangouts Meet

Easy face-to-face connections, anytime — anywhere.

g suite hangouts chat app logo

Google Hangouts Chat

Rich real-time collaboration, anytime and from any device.


Google G+

A vibrant social ecosystem for the enterprise.


Google Voice

A Cloud-native way for companies of every size to stay connected with a phone solution that is easy to use and to manage.

Access & Control with these Google tools

logo_gsuite google drive_192

Google Drive

The easiest way to store, sync and share.

google gsuite cloud-search-300x260

Google Cloud Search

The information you need, right when you need it.

admin-console Google GSuite_512dp-500x380

Google Admin Console

A single, easy-to-use console to manage G Suite.

logo_google vault_GSuite192-150x150

Google Vault

Archive, search and export employee communications.


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