Google Expeditions

Embark your students on an interactive learning experience with Virtual & Augmented Reality.

What is Google Expeditions?

Google Expeditions is a set of Virtual Reality (VR) tools that allows teachers to do virtual excursions with their students. Visit museums, dive in a shipwreck, visit amazing places of World War II or explore a space station. You can also use Augmented Reality (AR) in Google Expeditions. Download markers and print them so that different subjects are visible in your classroom.

All "Expeditions" can be supervised by the teacher. Students follow the virtual trip with their Cardboard.

Additional information and questions about the subject of the Expedition will appear during the tour.

All partners of the Google Cultural Institute cooperate to provide virtual reality content suitable for education.  

Start in your class!

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If you would like to try out Expeditions in your class, follow the "Google Expeditions en Tour Creator" session in our training offer.

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