Chromebooks in class

Chromebooks are cheap, start quickly and are very easy to use. They work seamlessly with Google Apps for Education,  such as Google Classroom.

Don't waste time with technical or startup problems in class: Chromebooks always boot up within 10 seconds.

This is why Chromebooks are popular with teachers, students and IT coordinators!

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What exactly is a Chromebook ?

A Chromebook is a laptop with a long battery life and a Chrome OS operating system. Chromebooks are standardly equipped with a webcam, speakers, USB 3.0, line-out, HDMI
en SD card reader, WiFi en Bluetooth.

You can buy a Chromebook from 299€

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Chromebook devices for education

As Chromebook education experts, we selected the best Chromebooks to use at schools. 

We can help with :

  • Choosing the best type of Chromebook 
  • Choosing the right amount of devices needed in your class or school 
  • Configuration of a purchasing system for private purchase by parents 
  • Delivery and billing
  • Training for IT coordinators, teachers & other staff

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Chromebook Management License

As an administrator, you can easily manage Chrome devices in your school with Chrome Manager

You can set up Chrome features, Chrome apps, extensions & more.

To do this, you need a Chrome license for each Chrome device you manage.

We are happy to provide more info about this.

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Why use Chromebooks at school ?

Easy management 


Easy of use 


Boot up within 10 seconds 


Robust design 


Safety first 


Low cost 


I want to start with Chromebooks at school !

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