Is your school ready for the digital future?

Prepare your school and class on how to make IT with Google for Education tools like Google Classroom, G Suite apps, Chromebooks!



Take a head start with Chromebooks & Chrome devices 

No more IT headaches in your school. Google Chrome devices start fast and are easy to use.  


Use the power of Google in your school.

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Create a digital learning environment in which your students can thrive.

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Manage student tasks & communication better with Google Classroom

With Google Classroom teachers can create group lessons give homework, easily give grades, send comments and see all of this in the same place. Do you want to manage work & study better? Faster communication & promoting cooperation between students? It's possible with Google Classroom. Good news: this is a free Google app for schools.

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Google for Education Experience Room

Go to our Google for Education Experience Room and try all the Google tools for schools yourself.

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IT Tools: G Suite for schools

Collaboration and communication are made easy for teachers & students with G Suite apps such as Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Spreadsheets, Google Forms and Google Slides. 

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Why choose Google for Education ?

Schools finally have the opportunity to grow and digitise their teaching for an affordable price.

Google for Education brings IT to your classroom, raising the student's motivation, automating administrative tasks and reducing print costs.

The apps are free and work on all platforms, permitting an access at home as a digital learning tool.

Unlimited Storage

Each user in the school or organisation benefits of unlimited storage space. You don't have to invest in expensive storage solutions such as data servers & NAS anymore. All data are stored and secured in Google Cloud.

Always reachable

You can use Google Apps on the device of your choice: Chromebook, Windows computer, laptops, Mac computers, Android tablets, iPad, iPhone... Students and teachers are no longer tied to a specific computer or laptop. 


Google Apps for Education are free for all schools, regardless of the number of users. Every student, teacher or staff member can use all the G Suite apps and Google for Education freely via their personal account.

Easy management 

Chrome devices & G Suite apps are simple to manage and control. This frees up time of admins to encourage students and teachers in their IT usage and learning through IT.


The technical knowledge required to start with Google Apps is very low. Professors and students can easily familiarise with the different apps in a short time period and with minimal training.


All the Google for Education apps are developed with the standard advanced security integrated in all Google products. As a school, you don't have to worry about the safety of students, teachers or staff data.

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Follow a training for the highest impact 

Get a head start with the Google tools. Choose from our offer of regular Google for Education training courses for IT coordinators, teachers, support staff and directors. 

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