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Hangouts Meet Customer Story - PwC Belgium

PwC Belgium gains video meeting efficiency with Hangouts Meet Hardware Kits

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About PwC Belgium

PwC Belgium is part of the global PwC network and committed to providing quality audit, tax and consulting services to their public and private clients in Belgium and internationally. The firm has approximately 2.000 employees spread across 9 different offices.

PwC is founded on the principle of creating value through relationships – it’s a principle that lies at the heart of everything they do and everywhere they are. The company serves its clients from strategy through execution, with the aim to start building value from day one.

PwC Belgium Office - Customer Story G Suite Fourcast. © PwC Belgium
Picture: © PwC Belgium
“The implementation of Hangouts Meet Hardware kits enabled our workforce to meet face-to-face from any location, on any device, promoting collaboration while reducing travel time.”
Sandy Aers COO PwC Belgium Customer Story G Suite Fourcast

Sandy Aers
COO, PwC Belgium

Picture: © PwC Belgium

The Problem

PwC Belgium fully implemented Google G Suite and a new way of working with Fourcast as a partner (see the full PwC Belgium G Suite customer story here). This unlocked the possibility of using G Suite’s video conferencing solution called Hangouts Meet. While PwC Belgium had already transitioned to G Suite, they still had classic conference call solutions in place. This brought along many of the inconveniences typical to conference calls. 

The firm also had meeting rooms that were equipped with video conferencing tools. These rooms were very popular and often overbooked. 

The Goal

The goal here was to make sure PwC employees could easily use video meetings with their clients and colleagues across the 9 locations in Belgium and the global PwC network.

The Challenge

PwC wanted to boost the usage of video conferencing because they felt that video meetings were much more productive than calls to meet with people at a distance. But the barrier for people to use video conferencing was too high. Video meetings had to be easier and more intuitive to start.


The solution was close at hand, as Hangouts Meet is a G Suite application for video meetings that was already on hands after the G Suite implementation at PwC Belgium.  

Since Hangouts Meet is integrated in Google Calendar, it really lowers the barrier to set up a video conference. The application is also very convenient because everyone can use it without having to download a specific application or having to create an account. You just click on the link and it works. That’s why PwC Belgium promoted Hangouts Meet as their primary video conference solution. 

Taking the video meeting experience at PwC Belgium even further, the firm wanted to facilitate the ability to meet from a meeting room instead of a laptop or smartphone. That’s why they decided to make use of Google’s Hangouts Meet hardware kits

PwC Belgium wanted to make these easy-to-use, intuitive hardware kits for video conferencing available to everyone, not only in the heavily booked meeting rooms. So far, PwC Belgium has rolled out 100 Hangouts Meet hardware kits for meeting rooms across Belgium.

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Implementing Hangouts Meet hardware kits is not that hard, but not all meeting rooms have the desired layout. That’s why we first needed to analyse the setup of the current meeting rooms, do some redesigning if needed based on recommendations from Google , and then install the Hangouts Meet hardware kits.

Once installed, we trained all management assistants so they could help their colleagues if needed. To promote usage, PwC Belgium even created a video to show the advantages to their people. 

The Result

After the implementation of Hangouts Meet and the Hangouts Meet hardware kits, PwC Belgium noted strong uptake in the usage of video conferencing within PwC Belgium. This has a positive effect on the meeting culture and efficiency of meetings between  people spread across the country.

There are also efficiency gains thanks to less travel time and costs, as PwC people have more video meetings with clients and prospects.

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