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G Suite Customer Story - PwC Belgium

PwC Belgium reimagines the way they work with Google G Suite & partner Fourcast 

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About PwC Belgium

PwC Belgium is part of the global PwC network and committed to providing quality audit, tax and consulting services to their public and private clients in Belgium and internationally. The firm has approximately 2.000 employees spread across 9 different offices.

PwC is founded on the principle of creating value through relationships – it’s a principle that lies at the heart of everything they do and everywhere they are. The company serves its clients from strategy through execution, with the aim to start building value from day one.

PwC Belgium Office - Customer Story G Suite Fourcast
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“ Fourcast helped us boost the adoption of G Suite thanks to their product expertise, pragmatic approach and change management techniques.”
Sandy Aers COO PwC Belgium Customer Story G Suite Fourcast

Sandy Aers
COO, PwC Belgium

Picture: © PwC Belgium

The Problem

The global PwC network has over 250,000 people whose average age is under 30. These are digital natives, who are used to a “consumer” technology experience of instant, real-time access: anytime, anywhere.

They also expect this in their work lives and in the business applications they use because it helps them work more efficiently and productively.

The Goal

PwC understands that the cloud offers great opportunities to make people more productive. The firm operates in an environment where there is a lot of time pressure and where a great deal of collaboration between colleagues, teams and departments is needed.

That’s why the goal was to have a technology that enables collaboration and that allows the business to get great results in an efficient way.

The Challenge

PwC Belgium adopted G Suite in the summer of 2017, but they felt that activating the technology alone wasn’t sufficient. There was a clear need to:

  • rethink the way communication and collaboration was done 
  • guide all PwC people to make sure a new way of working was adopted

That’s where it was clear that Fourcast - as a Google Cloud partner - could really contribute to shape this transformation of both collaborative work and the technology to support it, making sure the entire firm adopted the new tools and digital mindset.


PwC Belgium fully embraced  the PwC network’s global vision to ‘go Google’ because they felt the Google Cloud value proposition (agility, innovation, simplicity & economies of scale) provided the tools necessary to continually navigate a changing, digital, world.

Apart from simply implementing G Suite and providing these new collaboration tools as a solution, PwC Belgium really took the global vision a step further to reimagine the way communication and collaboration is done. This digital journey will take a while and requires different solutions, so it’s being done step by step.

PwC Belgium started using Google Drive to facilitate collaboration wherever that was possible, and they also removed barriers to video conferencing by introducing Hangouts Meet in the meeting rooms

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Fourcast started the ‘Reimagine work’ project at PwC Belgium in the beginning of 2018. First action was to boost people’s knowledge about the G Suite communication tools such as Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. The Fourcast team did this through giving training and tips & tricks sessions, and via Google Ambassadors. 

In the meantime, Fourcast started analysing the way the different PwC departments worked. It quickly became clear that reimagining work was going to take more than only giving training sessions. We had to think through the entire collaboration and communication environment. 

Once the analysis was done, we introduced the use of the collaboration environment to each department individually by giving technical advice, but also guiding the people through communications and an in depth training plan.

The Result

Collaborating in G Suite in their new way of working allows PwC Belgium to rethink processes, with as a result huge savings in time and costs.

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