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Google Cloud Customer Story - Froomle

Froomle gets the most out of Google Cloud with partner Fourcast

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In Short

Froomle uses Google Cloud as a strategic driver of innovation & backend infrastructure
Partner Fourcast helps Froomle to get the most out of Google Cloud, bringing in customer success services & expertise
This results in peace of mind & Google Cloud projects beyond the Cloud infrastructure that Froomle uses for their product
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“Before working with Fourcast as a partner, we had the feeling that we were just another Google Cloud customer: one out of the thousands of anonymous customers of the ‘unreachable’ tech mastodont Google. Thanks to our partnership with Fourcast, we went from being that anonymous Google Cloud customer to being an appreciated Fourcast customer.”
Peter Leclercq COO Froomle

Peter Leclercq
COO, Froomle

About Froomle

Froomle is a Belgian startup, active in the area of Artificial Intelligence and more specifically in building recommender systems for retail, news, entertainment, media and telecommunications. Froomle is a leading provider of self-learning recommendation engines, creating personalised online experiences in real-time. 

As a spinoff of the University of Antwerp, Froomle developed the Froomle Open AI platform - driving break-through performance in relevancy and fast go-to market through cloud based AI services and personalisation algorithms. 

froomle google cloud customer story-1

The Challenge

From the very beginning of development of their AI recommendations system, Froomle has been using Google Cloud Platform as their backend infrastructure and important driver for innovation.

Following an occurrence which impacted Froomle’s business, they decided to collaborate more closely with Google Cloud Premier partner Fourcast.

Both realised how crucial and strategically important Google Cloud is for the operations of Froomle, and that a more intensive partnership with regular contacts and sharing of Google Cloud expertise would be beneficial for the organisation.  

The Goal

The goal of the close partnership between Froomle and Fourcast is to give access to Google Cloud experts whenever the company needs it.

Regular touch points allow Froomle to make optimal use of all capabilities of the fast evolving Google Cloud.   


As part of the onboarding process, partner Fourcast offered Froomle Google Cloud Customer Success Services, which consist of several workshops to help Froomle move forward and meet their business objectives. 

Quarterly based workshops along with customised dashboards help Froomle to get a better understanding of their Google Cloud environment and how they can improve on their operations. 

Partner Fourcast is also helping Froomle to optimise their usage of Google Cloud and to get the most out of it. This is done by sharing best practices and helping Froomle in several trusted tester and Beta programs, such as the Recommendations AI from Google, which is being integrated in Froomle’s platform. 

Together with partner Fourcast, Froomle is able to identify which Google Cloud products are relevant to their use cases and business needs, and how they can be implemented in the Froomle infrastructure and set-up.

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The Result

The results of the successful partnership with Fourcast and Google Cloud are measured in mutual trust. Knowing that they can count on the Google Cloud expertise of partner Fourcast reassures Froomle of the fact that they are closer than ever to Google Cloud, which is a strategically important part of Froomle’s platform.

Whenever we need advice or when we have any questions or problems, we know who to turn to: we can count on our partner Fourcast to help us” - Peter Leclercq, COO at Froomle

This gives peace of mind, mainly to those responsible for Google Cloud within the organisation and for the business overall.

Right now, Froomle is always sure of being up to date with the technological and rapid evolutions that Google Cloud makes, with the ability to trust a partner that knows which parts of the Google Cloud roadmap or which new capabilities can be useful for solving their business needs.    

The successful partnership also resulted in Google Cloud projects beyond the Cloud infrastructure that Froomle uses for their product. Fourcast was able to help the organisation with other business challenges as well, including the optimisation of G Suite.

Froomle is looking forward to working together with partner Fourcast as a trusted advisor and implementation partner for future Google Cloud developments.

“Fourcast is an accessible company and a pleasant partner to work with. The entire team goes the extra mile for their customers. Every team member we worked with was very customer-focused and friendly.”
Peter Leclercq COO Froomle

Peter Leclercq
COO at Froomle

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