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Improving security & maximising G Suite ROI for Bynder 

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In Short

A free high-level security assessment of the G Suite domain
Upgrade from G Suite Business to Enterprise
A partnership with a Google Cloud Premier Partner to get the most out of their G Suite investment
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“ I’m happy to say that a year down the line with Fourcast by Devoteam, we are feeling exactly the same about commitment and service as in the beginning. In retrospect, it was definitely the right choice. A real level-up for us.”
John Mazotis

John Mazotis
SVP of Information Security & IT at Bynder

About Bynder

Bynder is an award-winning, cloud-based brand management platform. It enables more than 500,000 brand managers, marketers, and creatives to use Bynder brand portals daily.

Bynder's mission is to be the beating heart of branding automation. Bynder's digital asset management platform gives brands the organisation it needs and provides one central hub for all company materials.

The company has approximately 350 employees in 7 different offices around the world.

The Problem

Bynder had no solution to evaluate their current G Suite environment without going through a long assessment procedure with more than 400 questions. 

Another obstacle was that Bynder had no professional Google partner with the necessary expertise to turn to when they had questions about G Suite. Working with a Premier Partner would help them to get the most out of their G Suite edition & to create long-term, sustainable business success. 

The Goal

The goal for Bynder was to find a Google Cloud Premier Partner to get the most out of their investment as they move forward with digital transformation. They want fast answers to their questions, a personalised service, and good customer care. Bynder wants to keep providing a great ongoing user experience for their employees. 

When we send a mail to Google, we know that we will have a reply the day after. When we send an email to Fourcast by Devoteam, within 10 minutes we have a reply. Even late in the evening, we get fast responses to our questions.
- John Mazotis, SVP of Information Security & IT at Bynder

Another goal was to move from G Suite Business to G Suite Enterprise. Bynder was looking for some very specific tools and security features that are only available in the Enterprise edition. The goal here was to migrate to Enterprise to have a better control of their work environment which would allow the company to achieve results more efficiently.

The Solution

Fourcast by Devoteam offered a high-level G Suite assessment for free. They looked at how Bynder could optimise, prepare, and monitor the security of their G Suite domain to reduce security risk as well as mitigate threats. This assessment pointed out that some selected features perfectly fit the industry standard and warned Bynder that some options they chose were potentially exposing their environment to risks or security issues. The company discovered that they allowed less secure apps in their work environment, without knowing it.

This assessment with partner Fourcast by Devoteam ensured that Bynder is now following the security best practices, by auditing and suggesting G Suite configuration changes.

It saved us a lot of hours because we didn’t have to go through the 400 questions of the assessment ourselves. Plus, we received some extra advice. That extra advice was certainly an added value. It’s one of the reasons why we choose for a partnership with Fourcast by Devoteam.
- John Mazotis, SVP of Information Security & IT at Bynder

By focusing more on their G Suite environment, Bynder discovered at the same time the possibilities of G Suite Enterprise.

Together with partner Fourcast by Devoteam, Bynder identified G Suite Enterprise as having all capabilities to solve the initial challenges and enable the desired goals. They upgraded from G Suite Business to G Suite Enterprise, a G Suite edition that has a lot more security features than the Business edition. 

G Suite is very easy. You can have your emails, Drive, all kinds of applications and tools in one platform. It’s a very centralised way to get all the services you need in only one subscription.
- John Mazotis, SVP of Information Security & IT at Bynder

With the Enterprise edition, Bynder is now able to use the investigation tool in G Suite, for example. They can find an exact email from all the employees’ mailboxes and click on 1 button to get that email deleted. Without even looking at the content & violating the privacy of the employees, they can now simply look for the email title and remove the email.

"You are not just a customer at Fourcast by Devoteam, but a very important customer. Fourcast by Devoteam goes the extra mile for us. I can pick up the phone or send an email and expect a response very soon. 

We get personalised advice & commitment from Fourcast by Devoteam. We never had such a personalised relationship with any other partner. Overall, a close collaboration."

John Mazotis

John Mazotis
SVP of Information Security & IT at Bynder

The Result

The initial G Suite security assessment resulted in a strong personal relationship with partner Fourcast by Devoteam. We benefit from an uninterrupted service without the need to think about capacity, performance, or account expiring. This partnership makes sure our whole organisation stays on top of the technological curve, and utilise G Suite to its full potential. 

Bynder is now using G Suite to the fullest, both utilising it for collaboration and security purposes. They are now able to better manage confidential files and revoke access when needed.

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