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Arvesta unlocks unlimited collaboration & communication by fully adopting G Suite

Arvesta has fully adopted G Suite by not only going for the communication tools such as Gmail and Google Calendar, but also fully adopted Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides to replace the file server environment. This move has proven to inject a new way of working into the daily habits of the employees.

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  • Full G Suite Adoption
  • Group of 60 companies & 20 stores
  • Retail Industry
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PwC Belgium reimagines the way they work with Google G Suite & partner Fourcast 

PwC Belgium started using Google Drive to facilitate collaboration wherever that was possible, and they also removed barriers to video conferencing by introducing Hangouts Meet in the meeting rooms. 

Collaborating in G Suite in their new way of working allows PwC Belgium to rethink processes, with as a result huge savings in time and costs.

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  • G Suite Google Drive & Hangouts Meet 
  • 2000 Employees across 9 different offices
  • Tax & Consulting Services
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wit-gele kruis logo g suite customer story

Caretakers of Wit-Gele Kruis Limburg collaborate efficiently with G Suite & Shared (Team) Drives

Now that Wit-Gele Kruis Limburg is using Google Shared Drives (formerly called "Team Drives"), they notice that the migration brought more clarity and flexibility to everyone in the organisation. Giving the caretakers on the road the capability to access the necessary information to their job while being on the road, wherever they are, is a huge asset that makes their work easier and more valuable.

As such, the whole healthcare organisation works more efficiently together now and benefits from the change to Google Shared Drives. 

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  • Google G Suite
  • Google Shared Drives (former Team Drives) 
  • Around 1850 Employees
  • Healthcare Services
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Louis Delhaize uses G Suite to deliver food faster, from warehouse to shop display

Groceries supplier Louis Delhaize, a 140-year-old family firm with an annual turnover of €160 million, is using G Suite to create a faster, more efficient business. The G Suite apps are helping them to improve the working lives of staff throughout the company.

From warehouse to shop display, Louis Delhaize is delivering food faster with G Suite. If items from their 9,000 dry and 3,000 fresh food lines arrive damaged at their two warehouses, staff uses Hangouts on a Chromebook to provide visual proof to headquarters and inform the suppliers. When food heads out to the stores, they calculate optimal routes for 40 trucks with Google Maps.

Once it arrives at stores from their warehouses, inventory managers and their teams photograph anything in less than perfect condition and upload the image to Google+ for immediate action at headquarters.

G Suite logo dark (png)-1

  • Google G Suite
  • Chromebooks
  • Food Industry
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sp.a logo G Suite customer story Google Cloud Fourcast

Flemish political party sp.a uses G Suite & Drive to enable team work.

Work at a political party is a team effort. News is volatile and time to market is extremely important in a public facing organisation like sp.a. 

The classic way of working, where sending attachments back and forth by email or accessing the file server via VPN was the norm, was a bottleneck to reach results fast. 

sp.a is now using G Suite to the fullest, both utilising it for collaboration and communication purposes. They are using Google Drive on a daily basis, which has given them the possibility to achieve results faster.

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G Suite logo Fourcast Google Cloud partner

  • Google G Suite
  • Google Drive for file sharing
  • Political Party
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Teamleader Logo Cloud Identity GCP Customer story

Teamleader embraces sign-in simplicity for all its business apps with Google Cloud Identity

Teamleader chose to implement Okta as a solution a couple of years ago, to serve as an Single-Sign-On within the company. However, the experience of logging in with Okta wasn’t perfect. The company was looking for an alternative solution which would make user management even easier and the user experience even better for everyone working at the company.

Teamleader is now using Google Cloud Identity (GCI) and it has heavily improved the user experience. End users can now simply login with their Google Account on all their business applications.

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G Suite logo dark (png)

  • Google Cloud Identity (as part of G Suite)
  • Single-Sign-On solution for all business apps
  • SaaS - Technology Industry

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Cera Care-1

Increasing collaboration & communication amid a pandemic thanks to G Suite

It was crucial for Cera Care that just acquired another company, to bring everyone onboard into their current G Suite environment. The Fourcast team had to enable this smooth transition in a matter of 4 weeks amid the Covid-19 crisis. That meant that absolutely everything from the migration set-up to the project management and change management had to be done remotely.

Fourcast supported Cera Care in this transition with both technical activities and change management tasks. Thanks to the flexibility of G Suite’s tools and the performance of Google Meet, it was possible to make it work.

Cera Care is now using G Suite to the fullest, both utilising it for collaboration and communication purposes. They are using Google Drive on a daily, which has given them the possibility to achieve results faster.

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G Suite logo dark (png)

  • Google G Suite
  • Google Meet video conferencing tools as main communication tool
  • Full Gmail and Google Drive migration in only 4 weeks

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bynder-logo-fourcast partner

Improving security & maximising G Suite ROI for Bynder 


Bynder had no solution to evaluate their current G Suite environment without going through a long assessment procedure with more than 400 questions.  

The goal for Bynder was to find a Google Cloud Premier Partner to get the most out of their investment as they move forward with digital transformation. Fourcast offered a high-level G Suite assessment for free. Together we looked at how Bynder could optimise, prepare, and monitor the security of their G Suite domain to reduce security risk as well as mitigate threats.  Another goal here was to migrate to Enterprise to have a better control of their work environment which would allow the company to achieve results more efficiently.

Bynder is now using G Suite to the fullest, both utilising it for collaboration and security purposes. They are now able to better manage confidential files and revoke access when needed.

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G Suite logo dark (png)-1
  • A free high-level security assessment of the G Suite domain
  • Upgrade from G Suite Business to Enterprise
  • A partnership with a Google Cloud Premier Partner to get the most out of their G Suite investment

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CHU St. Pierre

Improving hospital communication & collaboration with Gmail & Google Workspace

CHU St. Pierre needed a modern communication and collaboration solution to facilitate (remote) collaboration and communication amongst its employees & with the other hospitals in the network. Their Lotus Notes environment was outdated and also unstable. 

CHU St. Pierre chose to migrate to Google Workspace due to the breadth of tools it offers within one single platform. The goal at first was to migrate away from Lotus Notes and therefore start with Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Meet and Chat.

With the success of the transition to Google Workspace, CHU St. Pierre realised it had another opportunity: move from the file server to the collaborative suite of Google & deploy Google’s integrated MDM solution.

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Google Workspace Logo
  • Migrated from Lotus Notes to Gmail
  • Improved communication with minimal interruption and faster email searches
  • Streamlining the communication and workflow process for the staff of CHU St. Pierre

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multipharma-SAP Google Cloud Platform Customer Story

Biggest player on Belgian pharmacy market moves SAP workloads to Google Cloud 

Replacing their old back-end system from an old SAP to SAP HANA, pharmacy chain Multipharma wanted to move their SAP workloads from a private to public Cloud. Mainly because of the flexibility and less costs this move would bring.

After benchmarking three big public Cloud providers, Multipharma decided to choose for Google Cloud over Amazon and Azure. Reasons for the preference for Google were the better pricing and flexibility of Google Cloud in terms of virtual machine sizes, better monitoring capabilities and more innovation. All of this on top of the Google Cloud - SAP partnership.  

Together with Fourcast as a partner with experience in this field, Multipharma moves all of their SAP HANA workloads to Google Cloud. 

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Google Cloud Logo

  • Moving SAP workloads to Google Cloud
  • SAP HANA on Google Cloud Platform
  • Health care - Retail - E-commerce
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Randstad Group Belgium Logo

Randstad Group Belgium becomes data-driven with Google Cloud analytics & data warehouse

In the search for the best solution for this business need of modernising the data analytics strategy for Randstad Group Belgium, together with partner Fourcast, the Group identified Google Cloud as having all capabilities to solve the initial challenges and enable the desired goals. To answer all the business needs, a Cloud-native data architecture was created. 

This architecture consists of several components like a data lake, staging area, a data warehouse, data mart and then a serving layer in a self service environment that makes the data visual for employees. A newly created data framework makes it possible to automate a large number of processes.

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Google Cloud Logo horizontal

  • Data & analytics in the Cloud
  • Data architecture, data lake & data warehouse
  • Cloud Storage, BigQuery & Pub/Sub
  • Employment Industry
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GEM One Logo

Fourcast helps GEM One to build its future-proof digital business platform with Google Cloud

GEM One (TVH Holding) built a digital business & state-of-the-art IoT platform on Google Cloud, together with partner Fourcast. Technologies implemented include a Cloud-native architecture, managed services & microservices, data and analytics & CI/CD on Google Cloud. First results indicate up to 20% in IT cost savings.

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Google Cloud Logo partner Fourcast

  • IT infrastructure modernisation & app development acceleration in Google Cloud
  • Data & analytics in the Cloud
  • Manufacturing Industry
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carrefour logo

Carrefour’s virtual assistant Sommelier Benoit finds the best wine to go with your meal

Carrefour Belgium implemented & tested a virtual wine advice assistant 'Sommelier Benoit' for its stores together with partner Fourcast. A first version of the Sommelier Benoit voice bot was developed on Google Cloud with Dialogflow & the Google Assistant in just 3 weeks. This Virtual Wine assistant received 600 interactions within the first 10 days, enhancing the in-store experience for Carrefour Belgium customers.

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Google Cloud Logo partner Fourcast

  • Creation & implementation of a virtual assistant voice bot 
  • Elevating the customer experience for Carrefour Belgium 
  • Food Industry
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Froomle logo

Froomle gets the most out of Google Cloud with partner Fourcast

Froomle uses Google Cloud as a strategic driver of innovation & backend infrastructure. Partner Fourcast helps Froomle to get the most out of Google Cloud, bringing in customer success services & expertise. This results in peace of mind & Google Cloud projects beyond the Cloud infrastructure that Froomle uses for their platform development.
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Google Cloud Logo

  • Google Cloud as backend infrastructure
  • Google Cloud Customer Success Services
  • Software Industry
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Crucial business applications built on Google Cloud Platform 

Six business crucial applications of one of our large enterprise customers were built with MS Access, JavaScript and Excel. Since all these files and tools were managed separately, there was no synchronisation between the apps, which leads to a lot of redundant, duplicate and outdated information. Our large enterprise customer decided to rebuild these on Google Cloud Platform in order to improve accessibility, stability & collaboration across the departments.


  • Synchronisation between applications
  • Accessibility & collaboration  
  • Stability
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Digital Signage for Europe dealerships to enhance customer experience

Toyota Motor Europe uses Chrome for signage in all their dealerships across Europe to enhance the digital customer experience. The signage displays videos about Toyota vehicles, customised according to the showroom area where the signs are located. So, if a system is installed in a showroom where hybrid cars are popular, the videos highlight hybrids.


  • Digital Signage with Chrome devices
  • Easy synchronisation & manageability
  • Automotive Industry
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Ervia adopts Chromebooks to increase productivity & reduce IT maintenance.

Ervia is a commercial semi-state company that provides strategic national gas, water & dark fiber broadband infrastructure and services in Ireland. Employees of Ervia, as well as its subsidiaries Aurora Telecom, Gas Networks Ireland, and Irish Water, are now using Chromebooks with Chrome Enterprise license and Citrix to improve productivity and reduce IT maintenance. These Chromebooks gradually replace the Windows laptops of the company.

Ervia reached out to Fourcast for guidance during the deployment, with as a result a smooth roll out of the new Chromebooks. The results are great, with a 75% drop in support calls since the adoption of the Chromebooks, and a significant decrease in costs.

Our long-term plan for Ervia is to become a cloud-first organisation. Chromebooks will help us move forward on that journey. - Seosamh McMahon, Enterprise Architect at Ervia


  • Adoption of 500 Chromebooks for employees
  • IT support calls dropped by 75% since adoption
  • Substantial cost cut by switching from Windows laptops to Chromebooks
  • First step to become a Cloud-first organisation
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pwc belgium logo

PwC Belgium gains video meeting efficiency with Hangouts Meet Hardware Kits

Taking the video meeting experience at PwC Belgium even further, the firm wanted to facilitate the ability to meet from a meeting room instead of a laptop or smartphone. That’s why they decided to make use of Google’s Hangouts Meet hardware kits. 

PwC Belgium wanted to make these easy-to-use, intuitive hardware kits for video conferencing available to everyone, not only in the heavily booked meeting rooms. So far, PwC Belgium has rolled out 100 Hangouts Meet hardware kits for meeting rooms across Belgium.

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Hangouts Meet Google G Suite customer story LogoG Suite logo dark (png)-1

  • 100 Hangouts Meet Hardware Kits so far
  • 2000 Employees across 9 different offices
  • Tax & Consulting Services
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