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Find out about how we serve cookies on our Website.  Last Edited: 19 March, 2019

About this Cookie Policy

Fourcast BVBA, with registered office at Gemeenschappenlaan 110, 1200 Woluwe (Brussels) and VAT number BE0563.526.547 is responsible for the cookies and content of the website, including all subdomains and other related websites owned by the company (the Website).

Our Website uses cookies to distinguish your user preferences and those of other users of our Website. To make this site work properly and give you the best user experience, we place small data files called cookies on your device.

European law obliges all Websites to ask for your permission to use or store cookies and similar technologies on your device. When you visit our Website for the first time you will be asked to accept cookies placed by us. The goal of this Cookie Policy is to provide you with clear and complete information about these cookies and the goal of the use of cookies.

For more information about this Cookie Policy you can contact us at

Why do we use cookies?

Fourcast uses cookies for 3 main reasons:

  • To improve the use and functionalities of our Website;
  • To analyse how Website visitors use the Website and interact with Fourcast, and to draw up statistics and reports of these interactions;
  • To show Website visitors personalised information and advertisements. This may include online ads on other websites and platforms or personalised outreach messages by email or phone (in the case the user provided his or her contact details) 

Storing cookies in your browser helps us to offer you a better overall user experience when you visit our Website. It also allows us to optimise our Website and to provide you with the services, solutions and content you request from us.  

How can you manage or delete cookies?

When you visit our Website for the first time you will be asked to accept cookies placed by us. Not explicitly accepting cookies but continuing surfing on our Website will assume your consent with us placing cookies.

But you are the owner of your data, so at all times you can control and manage your cookies in the settings of your browser. In those settings, you can always refuse or delete some or all cookies. You can generally find these settings in the menu ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ of your web browser.

Please be aware that turning off cookies will limit the service and user experience that we can give you on this Website. Deleting cookies may have as a result that you’ll have to manually adjust preferences every time you visit this Website. Some services and functionalities may not work without cookies.

You can check your browser documentation for more information on how to control and/or delete cookies. Consult the ‘Help’ function in your web browser for more details if you can’t find this documentation.

For your reference, these are the cookie information pages for some commonly used browsers:

Please note that if you use several devices to visit our Website, you need to take care that your cookie preference is adjusted on the browser of every device.

More info about cookies and your cookie preferences

For more useful information about cookies check out this website:

Consult these websites to choose from which companies you don’t want to receive cookies anymore:

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data, like a small text and/or number file, that a website asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device when you visit the website or certain pages. The website will be able to remember your actions, engagements with the site or preferences - based on this cookie over a period of time. It avoids that you have to re-enter this information when you come back to the site or when you browse from one page to another. Examples of such actions and preferences are language, geolocation, font size and other display preferences.

Which other information is stored in a cookie? Most of the time cookies consist out of

  • The name of the website where the cookie originates from
  • The time frame or how long the cookies will remain on your device
  • A value, usually a randomly generated uniquely identifiable number

Most browsers support cookies, but you can also set your browser to decline them. You can delete the cookies from your browser whenever you like. More information about that later in this cookie policy.

Which cookies do we use?

This Website uses both so-called ‘first party’ as ‘third-party’ cookies. First party cookies are those used by the Website itself. Third party cookies are created by the third party services that we use other than the Website, such as Google Analytics and Hubspot; specified below.

These are the kinds of cookies we use on this Website:

  • ‘Session’ or ‘necessary’ cookies

Cookies that are deleted as soon as you leave the website and that enable users to navigate through a website and use the functions of a site.

  • ‘Permanent’ cookies

Cookies that remain stored on your computer or mobile device. We can use these cookies to identify you as a visitor of our website

  • Analytical / Performance cookies collect data on the use of a website, like the amount of visitors, the time that visitors spend on a webpage and error notifications.
  • Functional cookies increase the usability of a website by remembering your choices (for example language preferences, region, login).
  • Advertising cookies enable websites to send personalised advertising messages. Our website use
    • Google Ads (collects data about the viewing of pages and ads, and can compose a user profile. Registers visitors behaviour and shows targeted information and advertisement. This happens anonymous normally, unless the user identifies him- or herself through a Google-account
    • Google Ads Remarketing: collects data about website visitors and allows us to advertise based on a remarketing audience list
    • Facebook pixel & conversion pixel (registers shopping behaviour after seeing an ad in Facebook. This information is added to the Facebook profile of the user),
    • LinkedIn cookies
    • HubSpot: Tracks email openings & clicking, social media interactions, document opening and website page views. If you provide us with personal information by filling in a form or contacting us, this information and all further information on how you interact with us and our Website is recorded so we can provide you with a personalised follow-up and provide you the content and services you have requested from us.

For more information on the use of these cookies and how it affects your privacy, please consult our Privacy Policy.

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