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Leverage Google Cloud's Machine Learning & artificial intelligence technologies on top of your data in the Cloud.

Hyper personalise 
your Customer Experience & increase your marketing ROI.

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Cloud for Marketing solutions & services 

Chatbots & Voice Bots

Get your business a chatbot to interact with prospects and customers. Enhance your customer experience. Enter the age of voice marketing with a voice chatbot, using Google's powerful technology.

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Marketing Data Lake

Bundle all your data, integrated across all data silos. Give your prospects & customers a hyper personalised experience with your brand across offline and online channels. 

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Custom recommendation systems based on your organisation's data, leveraging Google's powerful Machine Learning technologies. Predict anything with recommender systems created for your specific needs and users.

Advanced Business Insights

Custom dashboarding with advanced business insights from all your company's data. Make sure all management is up to date with business results, in real time and visually attractive presented.

Data Lake

A Data Lake is a data ecosystem that lets you store and process all your data. That means you can add data from multiple sources, both internal and external, in its native raw format without having to define its final structure beforehand. 

It allows your business to elevate your customer experience and hyper personalise your marketing efforts. 

Want to know more about Data Lakes & what they can do for your business and marketing? Download our Inspiration Guide with use cases, infographics & best practices to get started.

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Voice Chatbots

Voice marketing is more en more a necessity instead of a 'nice-to-have' for companies, as the popularity of Voice Assistants is increasing. In the near future, more devices we use everyday will be operated through voice.

Don't stay behind on this trend. Create a voice chatbot for your business with easy-to-use, powerful Google Cloud technology like Dialogflow. Make a voice chatbot & deploy it across several voice platforms. Not only Google Assistant but also Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger & other popular platforms and devices.

Discover more by downloading our "How to set up a successful chatbot project for your business" white paper. Or request a demo, we're happy to show you all the possibilities & think with you about your voice chatbot use case.

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Google Voice Chatbots


Reach & delight your customers and prospects with a chatbot for your business. With a chatbot you can automate your customer service and generate leads.

Using Google Cloud's chatbot technologies like Dialogflow you can build one chatbot to use across several platforms like your website, web & mobile apps, Facebook Messenger & other popular platforms and channels. 

We can integrate your chatbot with your business data, for example in a Data Lake, to create a hyper personalised chatbot experience!

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