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Ensure business continuity with Google

In these unprecedented times
of the coronavirus COVID-19:

Companies are taking the necessary measures to ensure the wellbeing of their most valuable assets: their employees. That’s why lots of companies are enforcing home working policies.

The workplace IT infrastructure doesn’t always allow for a good home working experience and that’s why the business continuity of these companies is at risk.

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Working from home coronavirus

Realtime collaboration &
video conferencing is crucial for efficient home working.

Discover how video conferencing with Google Meet & file sharing and collaboration with G Suite help your business to ensure continuity.

Empower your employees to do their best work, even from a distance.

In response to the coronavirus COVID-19, get G Suite with free implementation services or Get Google Meet video conferencing free!

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Google's offer to facilitate home working

Both video conferencing and the collaboration on files are important to ensure effective home working for your workforce.
Google Meet offers secure & powerful video conferencing. G Suite offers even more collaboration tools for efficient collaboration on files, in real-time and from any device.

Get started with Google Meet video meetings or G Suite collaboration tools to organise effective home working, today.

Choose between these 2 packages:

Google Meet Video Conferencing Free

Agon Hangouts Meet Meeting

  • Only requires a browser, no installation, no plugins
  • Video conferencing from anywhere, on any device
  • Video conferencing with anyone, no Google account required
  • Record your meetings
  • Stream exec messages to 1000s of people


Limited offer includes free extra technical & adoption services, read more here

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Video Conferencing + G Suite Collaboration Package

Drive announcements Next '19 G Suite-1

  • All video conferencing capabilities of the Google Meet video conferencing only package
  • Access files from anywhere with Drive
  • No installation required
  • Collaboration on files with colleagues, suppliers and customers
  • Compatible with MS Office

Limited offer includes free extra technical & adoption services, read more here

Take advantage of G Suite with a free trial of 3 months without any further commitment, for selected businesses only - contact us to see if you're eligible.

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Get started fast with our free G Suite services

Fourcast digital workplace experts will help you for free with the technical setup & guidance to make sure the video conferencing & collaboration tools are being adopted in your organisation. This will take a maximum of 2 days.

Free Technical Services

  • Setup of the platform
  • Securing the platform
  • Making it work in- and outside your network

Free guidance to make sure the tools are being adopted 

  • Making sure everyone at your organisation knows how it works
  • Communication to users how they can use the tools
  • Recorded instruction videos
  • Live Q&A sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my current email system be impacted ?

Gmail is included in G Suite, but the activation of either of these packages won’t impact your current email solution

Will I be able to export my data after 3 months?

Yes, you can easily export all your data whenever you want

How will this impact my network?

G Suite uses very little bandwidth and for video calls people will ideally break out locally 

Will other aspects of my environment be impacted?

No, G Suite will be a standalone environment and won’t impact your current IT infrastructure.

Will the contract be canceled after 3 months?

Yes, we can automatically cancel your contract after these 3 months if desired.

Will this work without VPN?

Yes, G Suite works without the need for a VPN

A Crisis Communications Platform for your organisation

Keep your employees informed, engaged & productive in these unprecedented times in which efficient communications with your workforce are crucial. This is possible with a freemium platform for crisis & internal communications in the Cloud, like LumApps.

More info

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Watch the on-demand webinar

A (crisis) communications platform like LumApps can help your organisation to communicate better with all employees, also remotely. In this webinar, we'll share best practices for digital communication, collaboration, and remote-work with such a platform for crisis comms. 

Watch the webinar

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Working from home with Google
n-demand webinar

During this webinar we take you on a journey through a day in the life of a home working G Suite user. Follow the live demo and learn about the powerful tools of G Suite for remote work - like video meetings, file collaboration, sharing & more.

Join the webinar

A day in the life of a home working G Suite user 24 March-04

A Rapid Response Chatbot 

Dealing with a lot of FAQs in these challenging corona-times? A chatbot or voicebot can help your customers to find answers quickly & decrease pressure on your contact center.

Try out the demo COVID-19 Information Bot & discover our free offer to set up your own FAQ bot now!

Learn More 

Covid-19 Info Bot Banner

Teleworking with Google
On-demand webinar

Discover how Google can help with organising telework for your business, using G Suite tools like Hangouts Meet for video conferencing and Google Drive for document collaboration. Plus ask your questions to our G Suite collaboration experts.

Watch the webinar

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Working from home with Google Resources

Google enables your workforce to work from anywhere, with tools that you can access at home & from anywhere, on any device. 

Learn about working anywhere using G Suite apps, with the resources bundled on this page.

See all the resources

Working from home Tips Voice- & chatbot

Available via the Google Assistant on your smartphone or smart speaker like Google Home or Nest, and on the Fourcast Facebook page, this new virtual assistant is available 24/7 to give you tips on how to work better from home or from anywhere.

Read more about the Work Anywhere Tips bot and on how you can use it here.

Work Anywhere Tips Assistant


working anywhere with Google-1

Extended Google Meet video conferencing functionalities 

In the week of March 6th, Google announced that it extends Hangouts Meet advanced video conferencing functionalities to all G Suite customers to help businesses and schools stay connected.

To discover the functionalities that become available to everyone until September 30th 2020, read our blog article here and watch the video below.

Learn More

Empower remote workers with Chrome Enterprise

Chrome Enterprise is a modern, secure solution that empowers remote workers to be productive working from home, while keeping your organisation's devices secure & allowing IT to manage devices remotely.

Information workers or frontline workers can work remotely. Chrome Enterprise provides a secure, manageable solution for both employees that are Cloud-ready or need access to applications through VDI.

chrome Enterprise advantages for remote workers

Explore Chrome Enterprise

chrome remote working image-1

Discover the key benefits of deploying Chrome Enterprise for remote workers

Download the one-pager & learn more about remote working with Chrome Enterprise. Plus explore 5 tips how you can keep your remote workforce empowered and secure with Chrome Enterprise.

Get the Chrome Enterprise Remote Worker One-Pager

Remote workers with Chrome Enterprise benefits

Need video conferencing hardware for your meeting rooms?

Check out our Hangouts Meet Hardware video meeting hardware packages & take advantage of temporary discounts!

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