Welcome to our new colleague Hristina!

by Fourcast, on Sep 13, 2019, 10:50:56 AM

Together with saying goodbye to the summer, we're now able to say "welcome" to a new colleague in our team: Hristina Tomova. Hristina will take care of all our finance and administration. And as tradition goes here at Fourcast, one of her first tasks was to complete an introduction blog post. Here is Hristina's introduction!

blog picture Hristina Tomova FourcastShort Bio

Hi, I'm Hristina Tomova - you pronounce it as Christina 🙂 -, Finance and Administration Manager at Fourcast.

I love sports like outdoor cycling, swimming, badminton, dancing and more. I also like board games (I'm a big fan), travelling abroad and discovering the world around me. I am keen on learning new languages: Russian, German, Dutch…; learning to know new people and getting to know myself through their eyes.

Why Fourcast?

I consider myself an innovator, a do-er and I wanted to work for an organisation that’s leading the future of the industry. I chose Fourcast because of its atmosphere, young spirit and creative vision of how work is done - by working a lot, but also having some fun with your colleagues! 

Best about Google?

I like the Google Office Suite as it is very organised, structured and useful as well as user friendly. I love the Drive database and the comfort that the Google Office Suite offers - all the apps are there, in one place.

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