Manage your communications so your workforce acts as one team!

by Julie Dockx, on Jan 25, 2017 9:20:41 AM

For many companies it’s hard to find a good way to inform everyone in the company at the same time. People may be working in various time schedules, different locations or even abroad, but how do you make them feel part of the team and get their feedback on HQ news?

General information is mostly sent via e-mail to ‘all’ the employees. Some companies even send weekly or bi-weekly internal newsletters, which really misses the point, since that information typically needs to be delivered in real-time (and not disappear in everyone’s mailbox) and there’s no way to get feedback...

The world is going social and it’s no different in the enterprise world. Employees expect to have a voice in the company. Top down information is necessary, but not the only way of communicating.

With Google+ you can create a company-wide community where management posts top down information that is enriched by bottom up comments and feedback. Yes, that’s scary….but the world has evolved in this way. Your posts can include product announcements enriched with a picture, general information or you can even create a poll to get the people's feedback. You can structure and group the information by creating categories such as “Business development”, “HR”, “Projects”,...

With Google+ you can easily inform your people and keep them engaged. It’s fast and simple! See it for yourself here!


Written by Julie Dockx

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