How to have a more informed workforce and save tons of money at the same time

by Jeremy Bonnevalle, on Jan 17, 2017 1:18:07 PM

When you’re in the retail industry or are a company with many different locations, you can definitely have a tough time informing and training your workforce if they are spread around the country (or the globe).

The solution for most companies is to organize yearly trainings at central locations, whichcosts an enormous amount of money in travel and time, and those people are mostly not trained at the right moment.

So what happens if a new product is launched? Releasing it is one thing. But to get the sales up and going from the first minute, you have to explain your salespeople what they are selling.  And if you think that writing a long e-mail is the way to go… Then think again. 

Another “No Go” is to simply ignore that your salesforce needs proper training to be able to sell the product…

How can you make sure that your workforce is trained and informed at the right time in a cost efficient and cost effective way? It’s pretty simple...You can organize online sessions of 30min at 8am before work hours start. That way your workforce will be more informed and therefore more likely to perform better.

Live streaming with YouTube Live for your one-to-many business communications

The best part is that this communication method is set up in minutes with “Hangouts on Air” on Youtube Live. Anyone can organize it, anyone can join and it’s automatically recorded so you can share the video with colleagues who couldn’t attend the initial training session..

People can easily ask written questions during the presentation and you can even organize the relevant videos on a Google Site for the relevant teams.

New to YouTube Live ? Here’s how to use it!

  1. Go to and make sure to log on.
  2. Click the Enable live streaming button.
  3. Go through the account verification steps.
  4. Start streaming!

Have you used Live Streaming for business communication in your company?

Written by Jeremy Bonnevalle.


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