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by Liesbeth Hermans, on Mar 16, 2020 5:42:54 PM

In response to the coronavirus COVID-19, businesses can get access to G Suite Enterprise subscriptions at a discounted rate now. Businesses that sign up can use G Suite with video conferencing app Hangouts Meet & file collaboration apps like Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc. as a primary solution to enable smooth remote working. They can also use it as a backup or disaster recovery solution for their current tools. Getting started - fast - was never as easy, because Fourcast is now offering its implementation services, including technical setup and adoption services, for free.

As working remotely becomes business as usual during the current corona-crisis, with a lot of companies enforcing their employees to work from home, it's more than ever important for organisations to offer their workforce the right IT tools.

That's why Google and Fourcast want to help companies with a free solid, powerful video conferencing and collaboration solution during this challenging period.

Business continuity with Google

G Suite licenses & Free implementation 

G Suite licenses free trial for selected businesses during 90 days

To begin using G Suite's powerful video conferencing tool Hangouts Meet and file collaboration with Google (Shared) Drive, amongst others, your organisation will first need G Suite licenses for every user

G Suite customers pay licenses per user that is active in the company. But now exceptionally, selected new G Suite customers get the opportunity to get started with G Suite  Enterprise licenses with a free trial for a duration of 90 days. They will be able to sign up for G Suite Enterprise licenses for these 3 months without any further commitment for the period after those 90 days. If you're interested in this, contact us through the form at this page.

Free implementation services by Fourcast to make it work very fast

Apart from the licenses, your organisation will need some technical setup to implement G Suite in your organisation. At Fourcast, this is what our experts are specialised in. And we're happy to announce that we can offer these services for free now, to help your company to stay connected during these challenging times.

We will implement G Suite at your organisation for free, taking into account your current IT systems, together with you. This is an important step, to make sure the tools all work properly.

But it doesn't stop at the technical setup . We're also offering free adoption services to make sure everyone at your organisation knows how the new tools work.

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Advanced video conferencing functionalities

Good to know is that Google already announced last week that it now offers its advanced Hangouts Meet video conferencing functionalities, like the ability to record and livestream meetings, to all G Suite subscriptions. Normally only G Suite Enterprise customers can use these advanced capabilities for video meetings.

This announcement was made as a response to the current corona-crisis as well. The extended G Suite functionalities are available to all G Suite customers until the 30th of September 2020.

Discover more about the extended functionalities & how to get access to them in our previous blog post.

A day in the life of a home working G Suite user 24 March-04

Backup Video Conferencing Solution

When an entire organisation suddenly works remote, current IT solutions for remote working are put to a severe stress tests. It's obvious that some solutions will not pass this test and fail, whether it's on-premise solutions or well-established ones (like Microsoft Teams, that went down several times today).

The moment your entire organisation is relying on you as an IT department or leader, you don't want to let your workforce down. That's why it might be interesting for you to have a backup solution in place that can take over when your existing tools for video conferencing of file sharing are down.

Battling Shadow IT

Shadow IT is a security nightmare for every organisation and IT department always. But in these challenging times, it becomes a bigger problem.

That is, when the digital tools that employees are offered by their company to do their work remotely don't work. Because then, inevitable, people will become creative and start using the apps they're used to work with in their private life for work purposes. 

That's exactly what you don't want as an organisation, because you can't control these shadow IT apps. When the employees that are using them decide to quit te organisation, for example, you will loose the data as well.

Whether your organisation is in need to get quickly up and running with a solid and qualitative video conferencing solution, or to have a plan B in place when the existing IT solutions fail - G Suite is now more than ever an attractive, and free, solution for your video conferencing and file collaboration.

Want to get started with G Suite for free quickly? Sign up now!

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