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Ready to build cultures of innovation with Google Cloud solutions?

Make sure the digital transformation sticks for everyone. Implement secure Google Cloud solutions with a trusted partner. 

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Business Continuity with Google

In the unprecedented times we're living in due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we're trying to help businesses to stay connected and ensure business continuity with Google solutions. 

Discover several offers for video conferencing, document collaboration, crisis communications, teleworking & more.

Business continuity with Google

Working from Home with Google business continuity

Our Customers all have one thing in common

They understand digital is taking over

They want to create a digital workplace where employees can connect and collaborate from anywhere at lightning speed to move things along quicker. They understand they need to create a digital customer experience to increase revenue and modernise their IT infrastructure & applications.

At Fourcast, we implement more than a technology. We make sure the transformation takes place and sticks for everyone at your organisation.


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Leverage scalable, powerful Google tools with us

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How can we help you transform your business?

Trasnform your workplace with Google Cloud

Transform Your Workplace 

Take the step to a modern, digital workplace with Google G Suite and Chrome. Increase drastically your workforce's collaboration & efficiency. Make sure the change takes place.

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customer experience how to improve with cloud

Enhance Your Customer Experience

Give your customers & prospects an unprecedented experience with your brand, boosting revenue and driving your growth. Leverage Google's Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies with Cloud for Marketing solutions to turn your data into a gold mine.

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Modernise your IT infrastructure

Modernise Your IT Infrastructure

Moving to the Cloud never has been easier and more secure. Now is the right time to move your IT infrastructure to Google Cloud. We make sure your migration becomes a success for your whole business.

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Why go Google?

This is why companies like yours choose to "go Google". As a Premier Google Cloud Partner, we're convinced that we can make the difference for our customers by using cutting edge Google Cloud technologies. 


Security First

Google technology is secure by design, offering you the peace of mind that your business is secure too. You can count on Google's multilayered secure infrastructure, expert engineers, and commitment to transparency.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Heavy investment in AI & ML gives Google the advantage of always being innovative & able to bring the best solutions of the industry to your organisation.

Fast & Scalable Solutions

Low latency and high responsiveness from the world’s largest global private Cloud network. Fast, consistent and scalable performance are part of your key to success. 



Use technologies, infrastructure & tools that are always up to date. Even ahead of the game in the fast-paced technological evolutions. Innovative technology by excellence. Never stay behind.

Our Services

As a certified Google Cloud Premier Partner, we set your company and your team up for success with Google Cloud solutions. We make sure the technologies are implemented to benefit your business to the maximum, while ensuring smooth adoption with everyone. Choosing us as a partner means adding these strengths to your technology choice.



We have extensive expertise & are Google certified. Technology changes fast, so we keep up to date by continuous training of our team of experts.

people focus Google Cloud implementation

Focus on people

Technology is nothing without the humans that use it. We implement technology, but also make sure your workforce is fully empowered to use it the best way possible.


Customer Success

We got your back at every step of the technology implementation. Digital transformation doesn't stop after the implementation. We're there to help you continuously.

Set your Cloud project up for success with our step by step methodology      

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Security matters.

Security of your IT is vital for your business. All our Google Cloud solutions have advanced security measures built in at different levels. Learn more in our Security Whitepapers for G Suite and Google Cloud Platform.

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“We believe that security empowers innovation - that if you put security first, everything else will follow."
Urs Holzle

Urs Hölzle
Senior VP Technical Infrastructure, Google Cloud

Get Inspired by the possibilities of Google Cloud technology.

Technology is always evolving. 
Make sure you don't miss out on these great opportunities to strengthen your business with Google Cloud's cutting edge technology. 

Chatbots voice marketing Google Cloud


Create a customised chatbot to talk to your customers & prospects, for any output channel. 

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data lake marketing cloud

Supercharge Your Marketing with Cloud

Get real-time business insights from your data with a Data Lake & boost your customer experience to new heights with a Data Lake on Google Cloud Platform.

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Smart & Easy Video Conferencing 

Create a true innovative video meeting culture at your company. Save costs on travel time & offer a seamless video experience to your employees.

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